Client Reviews

Jack and Ruth – Sellers

“Christina’s participation in schools, arts, church, civic activities and particularly as a volunteer firefighter defined her character! She was very personable and professional and explained the processes and what needed to be done, and she followed through. Christina became a friend of our family!”

Claudia – Seller and Buyer

“Christina provided experience and knowledge and was always patient, courteous, kind, professional and responsive.”

Daniel – Buyer

“I want to take a few moments to express to your how grateful I am for your kindness, warmth and wisdom over the last several weeks. Thank you for making my dreams of being a homeowner again come true. I had a beautiful experience thanks to you and I am happy with the way you handled all of the communications, executed all the problem-solving, and stood up for me as a client and community member. You are “in your gift” and I was very fortunate to have you in my corner championing my process.”

Michelle – Buyer

“Christina helped me get into see the home quickly, get a competitive offer compiled and helped keep the sale on track when a lender backed out. She remained patient throughout the whole process and was super responsive. I’m in my dream home and I’m so happy I got to work with Christina.”

Cathy & Priscilla – Buyers & Sellers

“She gave her personal attention to details and timelines and was pro-active. She solicited non-listed properties and did so much more work ‘behind the scenes’.”

Bill & Debra – Buyers & Sellers

“We want to tank you for all your help of the last couple of years. We always felt cared for. You were more than helpful. We feel blessed for your help and friendship.”

Lonnie & Leslie – Buyers

“ Christina’s patience and sincere interest was most reassuring. She is family to us now. She helped us gain a knowledge of the island that invites us to our new community with grounding under our feet. She was always available and an open book with information that was appropriate for the moment. She provided constant and effective communication and was available to answer questions and participate in strategy conversations. At all times we felt very professionally represented.

Sandy & Tim - Sellers

“Christina had been recommended to me several times. We appreciated her honesty and expertise in the market. She was with us from beginning to end and explained what was going on every step of the
way. We were scared with the Covid 19 situation, but we had to sell. Christina guided us through the process. She went over and above to explain ‘everything’, she is one of a kind!"

Terry & Mary Kaye Buyers

“She did a great job! Christina is professional, patient, and friendly.”

Tina & Charles

“We appreciated her guidance. Christina provided information about the island, properties and areas, and she also was great in talking about scenarios for our offer.”

Barbara Joy - Seller

“Christina guided me through the process and kept me informed and educated about what to expect, next steps, etc… She was instantly responsive to all queries and concerns.”

Jackie & Andrew - Buyers

“Thank you so much for your expertise, attention to detail and your calm ability to navigate us through purchasing a wonderful home for our family. With gratitude.”

Lou – Buyer & Seller

“Christina was professional, friendly and efficient.”

John & Sheila - Sellers

“Thank you very much for your help. Your awesome help, professionalism, and thoughtfulness were outstanding. Many thanks.”