Christina Boom

(Formerly Christina Parker)

Christina Parker Transparent

It's All About Community!

Chris fire -Edit

Whidbey has been my home since 1994

When I first arrived it felt more like coming home.
I knew this was the place for my kids to grow and thrive.  For almost 20 years I responded to calls for assistance as an EMT/Fire Officer with our local fire department, helping my neighbors in difficult times. 
Since 2006 I have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions here.  If you are thinking Whidbey might just be your home too, I can help.  If you live here now and are considering a change, I can help with that, too! 
This is not just one of the areas I represent.
  This is my home.  This is my community.

Daniel - Buyer

I want to take a few moments to express to your how grateful I am for your kindness, warmth and
wisdom over the last several weeks. Thank you for making my dreams of being a homeowner again
come true. I had a beautiful experience thanks to you and I am happy with the way you handled all of
the communications, executed all the problem-solving, and stood up for me as a client and community
member. You are “in your gift” and I was very fortunate to have you in my corner championing my

South Whidbey

Central Whidbey

North Whidbey


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All in, for you.

What does it mean to be all in? It means I love what I do, and it comes across in all that I do. It means that I sweat the details, so my clients don’t have to. And it means I believe in acting beyond myself and caring deeply about my community. It’s what makes me proud to be a part of Windermere.


not transactions

Joyful, compassionate, and full of deep knowledge, I help my clients turn their dreams into reality.


My insight,
your advantage

I offer a proprietary mix of advocacy, ingenuity, and insight that helps people move confidently into their next chapter.


Building local

I believe in strengthening the fabric of my community through my actions and contributions.


The power of windermere


The Human Algorithm

There's a secret formula that makes Windermere different, and it all starts with our people. This video gives you insight into our unique culture and approach, and what our difference means for you.